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my name is Lokesh Umak I live in Pune, India. You can find here all about the story of my life, through this blog, I talk about my #Relationship #Parenting #YouthMatter #Gossip and how pathetic, emotional, sad, inspiring or boring my life goes on.
Thank you for stopping here, finally, you have found me on Better Aspect. Let me introduce myself, my name is Lokesh Umak I live in Pune, India.
Better Aspect featuring blogs about Lifestyle, Relationship & Dating, Parenting, Sex & Love. Better Aspect Focuses mainly upon positive blogging. I got married at the age of 29, it was arranged marriage and we fell in love right after we saw each other for the first time. She is 7.5 years younger than me. Her name is Swati, may our love remains for the lifetime. She loves my company all the time, she does not like my going to the office, due to my office timing, it is quite impossible to give her space. But there are a few promises I made after our wedding and I will do anything for that. Our ultimate aim is to live a peaceful life.

I have a daughter, her name is Reedha she is 18 months old and just started talking. She is adorable, beautiful and we love her so much. She likes roaming in our colonies with grandpas. She goes with whomever if he is taking her out for a walk. Reedha is very sharp, nowadays's generation is like that only. They are far ahead of what we expect. She is learning to talk and does progressive body language, her mother tongue is Marathi

Apart from these, I have a tremendous passion for creative writing, I write poetry and nowadays writing a piece of crime fiction. I hope you will enjoy visiting BetterAspect and hope you will like it. I am damn sure, our friendship will going to rock on this blog. I would be happy to receive your comments on my post.

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