Maharashtra's most popular Ganesh Mandir | Public Ganpati celebration started from here

By the time you must have thought which Ganesh I am talking about. There are Ashthavinayak that are spread around Pune, but there is one and only special and famous in Pune, Maharashtra.

Here I am bringing a very old history of a temple and by watching this Ganesh celebration Jotiba Tilak got inspired and then in Maharashtra, public Ganesh celebration had started.

If you ever visited Pune, you must have stopped by that Ganesh temple, it is located in the heart of the city, Laxmi Chowk and the exact location of this temple is Dagadushet Halwai shop, it is a shop of sweets. Yes, I'm talking about "Shrimant Dagadusheth Halwai Ganesh Temple."

It was established in the 1800s, Dagadusheth was a trader, sweet maker and wrestler. He got fame due to his popular sweet and became a rich businessman, then he established idol Ganesh. He had two sons, Ram and Lakshman, both died due to a plague epidemic, then he adopted his nephew Govind. He was then just 9 years old.

Today Ganesh has almost more than 4 kg of gold, more than one lac devotees visit the temple every year. Shrimant Dagadusheth Ganpati trust looks after the maintenance of the temple, conducts Daily Puja, Concerts, Cultural programs, Bhajans etc.

Tilak brought this festival into public and thus Maharashtrian started celebrating Lord Ganesh

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