It's the biggest day in a bride's life and it's ruined due to Kashmir's lockdown

A bride is disappointed due to Kashmir's lockdown, there is no food, water and marketplace.

Hina Rukhsar, 27 said in her statement to BBC. It is her rights and once in a lifetime moments of any other bride. Not only her but any India woman must have said that.

When the government decides anything they must look on both the part of life, how Kashmiri will survive? They did not think. The Kashmiri are living almost in hell, they have no water, no food and restriction even walking alone on the roads.

Hina is getting married, not only the supermarket, but all is locked-down, how the groom will come and his relatives will be taken care of? It is the biggest question is in front of her family.

As a bride, she had many dreams as many others do, she had never even thought that such things will happen to her.

BJP must solve this problem ASAP, not only Hina but there are many other brides who must be suffering like this.

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