What will happen to those 1.9 million who will declared foreigner in Assam, India?

From BBC News

The ratio of foreigners are increasing and the crowd is unable to produce their identity and most of them are already considered illegal immigrant, the government has already announced them, foreigners.

Illegal Immigrant worried in Assam

In Assam India, almost 4 million have been stripped of their citizenship. All the families in the state have been required to provide documentation to show their active citizenship, those who can not prove, they will be considered illegal foreigners.

There are reasons to such illegal population in Assam due to neighbouring, 4000 km away from Bangladesh border.

Assam considered second-largest Muslim community population after Kashmir

The Indian government says that the process of NRC, National Register of Citizenship. BJP had NRC in recent year.

Why the process of registration is required in Assam?

As per the government recorded in 2016, 20 million illegal immigrants were living. They are mostly from Bangladesh.
1000 immigrant already declared foreigners and they have been lodged in six detention centre located in prisons.

Now what about those who's name is not on the final list, they are anxious about what where they would be living or what lies next. Foreign tribunal are solving their problem

Who is Foreigner Tribunal?

They are the court helping immigrants, in Assam, there are 200 and going up to 1000 end of this year. They are as same as a high court or a supreme court, were set up in 2014 when BJP came into power.

Watch the full video from BBC News article

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