Farmer's Cotton is No More Like A Diamond As it Was Previously – Interview With A Teacher

It has been a long time I was offline due to some other challenging issues of my own. Those issues were not permanent and I mentally was not at all prepared to write something.

It was raining when I was heading toward my home through a narrow hilly area and dark jungle. I was riding a cruiser motorcycle, through the bumpy road I saw a young adult who was in a white shirt and black pant. He had a tie on, adjusting his hair he waved at me breathing in fogy air.

"Excuse me!"


"Could you please drop me till Bobs company?" He said.

I hardly stop for someone when the road is running but since I shifted to my new house surrounded by only hills and green long trees. As there was rare traffic, I must stop for him, I thought.

He climbed the bike with happiness,

"Thank you," He said with his dry throat.

He seemed tired and thirsty.

"You are welcome," I said and adjusted the left mirror to see him whether he sat properly or not.

"Where are you working sir." He asked me.

"I'm working here in Phase-2, what about you?"

"I am from IIM (Indian Institute of Management), we provide corporate training to many corporate and manufacturing companies."

"Oh! you are a teacher."

"Yes, cum Trainer."

"Where do you belong, your native place?"

"I belong to Jalgaon."

The rain started heavily, I had already raincoat on. He adjusted and fitted himself right behind my back to save from the rain.

"People are dying because of rain in Konkan site of Maharashtra and in our village and we are worrying about why there is no rain in our village." He brought his lips near my ear and continued,

"All the ten wells in our town were almost dead in the summer and there is no Dam nearby. The poor farmers."

"Do you have the one?" I asked.

"Yes I do, I have four acres of land but no use." He leaned forward, was almost wet and shivering.

"What is our government is doing I don't understand." He continued.

"I believe India is doing so many progress," I said.

"What progress? The cotton rate ten years ago and now is not much different than a shirt made from cotton is much costly than ten years ago." He said loudly as the air was disturbing our conversation. We both were shivering and the clouds had already covered us in the dark.

"Thanks, my destination is arrived but thought not yet."

I took left and stopped,

"It was nice to meet you, see you soon." We shook the hands and left...

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