'Don't just beat us, just shoot us': Kashmiris Allege Indian Army | BBC News report

"I was ashamed of reading these charges against the Indian Army."

  • Kashmiris allege that they are beaten and threatens by the Indian army. They have lost hope of living, the torture was unbearable.
  • All the Kashmiri villagers reported to BBC with all this proof, they were scared to reveal the truth.
  • "They hit us with cable and rods, even gave us an electric shock." - villagers
  • The villagers were crying and asking them, "What is our crime?" they did not listen to anything and anyone, just kept beating us till wound.
  • They beat every part of my body, they used to wake up by giving an electric shock and again beat us.

I am not sure if it is true or not, maybe they are not happy with the withdrawal of 370? Many questions stuck my mind even today.

below picture is proof of beating by the Indian army officials. Is this humanity? I am so upset. Kashmiri will never find peace if these kept continuing.

BBC news source

I watch below video and it really threatens me, it's really difficult to live in such a place. If these people are asking for peace they should be fulfilled with all the necessary requirement by the government of India.

The truth never hides for a longer period of time anywhere, but what exactly is behind this picture only these protestors and army knows.

The government must look into it closely and solve the problem. Read more


What do you say looking at this?

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