You can ask me how to be fit and healthy – Anil Kapoor

You can ask me how to be fit and healthy – Anil Kapoor

"There is no substitute for hard-work  Thomas A. Edison"

Anil Kapoor has been working in the Bollywood industry for 30 years and has won a total of 38 awards. His father was a supervisor in RK film studio, Mumbai and they had been going through a very poor phase of life. But this made him a great hard-worker in his real life. He knows very well that money can't buy anything but hard working could buy anything. Now he is in his 60's and in his recent movie Total Dhamal, he looks younger than his co-star Madhuri Dixit Nene.

He proved that he does something extra than other actors of his age.

Madhuri is now currently 51 years old and looks the difference between them. Anil maintained well.

His Instagram followers praising him on one of his videos. Mr Kapoor exercise inside his own house. He mostly avoids junk food and he thinks that sugar is his enemy. In his favourite food list, Daal and Rice with Ghee are his main dietary source.

He has well established not only actor but he also produced one film too, in his hectic and busy life schedules he always gets a minimum of three hours for his workout.

In Bollywood, there are few exceptional actor lists that they are most concern about their health.