Great Job Done, Shri Narendra Modi Ji

Great Job Done, Shri Narendra #ModiJi

I want to write this particular to you that in my life, I saw you the president like you for the first time in India that much concerned about people's heart. You finally proved that you belong to the holy land of India. Actually, you deserve the place where you are now, not for only part-time but we need you for full time.

You have been continuously doing many improvements as you could and before this never ever tried anyone of the former presidents. They might have tried but we found them unsuccessful.

I found your first time taking world tour not just for time being but getting some output out of it. You brought much business and did many favours to Indian.

Still, there are many things to get it done, you have been working on the road projects, in terms of safety we have big roads spread over the non-stop journeys but who love riding bicycle finds no safety at all. I have recently saw your promotional poster in the city Ride for Health, in short, you were making us aware that cycling is the best exercise and for them, we need a separate road saving lives from big vehicles like Elephant

-Jai Hind

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