Former Major General of Nigeria military turned president: Muhammadu Buhari won the election 2019

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Buhari finally made it through his hardworking and after many efforts. He is a kind Nigerian ex-army major general. The legend was born on 17 December 1942 in Daura of Katsina state, the twenty-third child of Dardo Adamu, a chief of Fulani family and Mother Zulaihat.
He got married twice and has a total of seven children. This Nigerian is a politician currently serving the nation since 2015 by his grateful attitude, he touched the sky again on 27th Feb 2019.

He is called now 16th President of Nigeria proudly. His story is fascinating and inspiring. He has described himself as "Converted democrat"

In his early life at the age of 19, he was enrolled in Nigerian military services in 1962 and soon after joining the training he was appointed as Platoon commander after commissioned as second lieutenant. His journey from his childhood was very interesting.

"Buhari also served as Head of the State during 1983-1985, it was he that build strong social and economic status of Nigeria. Despite he was a great warrior in fighting corruption, he sent around 500 politician and businessmen to jail."

In 2003 Buhari wished for the presidential election and was defeated by People's Democratic Party more than 11 million votes. He then followed by 2017 was not that lucky for him. In the year 2011, he was announced as CPC presidential candidate on 16 April.

He had suffered biggest loss in the year 2015 when President Goodluck Jonathan disqualified Mr Buhari over the breach of the constitution. He was abolished or ban from the office of First Lady.

On 27th Feb 2019, Nigeria announced the result of the election - Nigerian Military General turned President.

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