A First Time Father: Natural feelings that occurred in me when I touched my baby girl first time

A First Time Father: Natural feelings that occurred in me when I touched my baby girl first time

When I Saw You First Time.

The happiness was truly uncontrolled when I saw my baby girl the first time, a nurse brought her near her mother. My wife told me later that she heard her voice and fell asleep. Her first cry was so strong. Doctors said we had never heard baby such a strong voice in their career. She was looking like a cotton bud. One thing I would never forget about that day when the nurse brought my baby near her mother and the first time when I had seen her. At first, she was not opening her eyes and second, she opened her eyes stared at me continuously without blinking her eyes. I guessed she was thinking about an alien and had never smiled that day. And the most important, she had licked her lips and in a second I understood that she needs food. I ran off to a medical shop and bought a milk powder and in the warm water, I fed her. My wife was still in the bed sleeping motionless. A few days ago, I was just making a joke like an old man with my wife that I will take delivery of our baby at home, but when I saw the first time a shiver of my wife in her deadly pain after the baby got delivered and being taken her to the bed. It was confirmed to me that giving a birth to a baby is the toughest fight woman has to face in her life. She almost deals with death.

The Mind couldn’t Stop Setting Goals and Dreams.

A thought in men's life gets usually before a marriage about their son and daughter and the same way I did it. Once upon a time, I felt I should be an actor or a super duper advocate or a judge or a famous businessman, but all of them flopped. And I am not at all sad about it, I am sure I was not able for that I say it proudly. But setting a dream for your child is some kind of expectation that every father has and if that does not succeeds then feel somewhere incomplete or guilty father or something else. We blame our self not being a good father. And for our own children, parents do anything it needs, they cross the limit. I had a thought if I couldn't do it then at least my child would do. Other than those expectations, other goals in my life have been considering changing day after day. Sometimes nights were sleepless thinking about a future planning for my daughter. I am not the only one in this whole world, there are many people who set the goals and planning and expectation for their child too. Before I go ahead, let my daughter have some understanding, grow up and wait till she decides for her own and then I can put some suggestions. What do you think?

Quitting a Bad Habit

A ten years old bad habit which a thread was poking to my brain continuously when to quit? This was a question keeps asking me. Many times I had promised myself that I should stop smoking the cigarette, but a day was still yet to come. Every first day of a new year went ruined my promises, but when I became a father, a magic built a confidence in me, you can do it, an inner voice said on a day. I stopped smoking easily and soon a day came at end of the smoking. It was obvious when a new member added to your family, you get changes into your lifestyle and in your home. The child brings luck and brings an effect. A kind of happiness spreads into the family, our thought, behaviors gets change and same has happened to me. The family burden rose, I became more thoughtful, planning and goals increased too. That bad habit was negative in me and if it was not quit before the time slipped out of my hand then it would have been difficult to do that. Negativity attracts negative things and positive brings positive things in your life. Quitting that bad habit, not only helped me about health-wise but cutting my contacts with such negative type of people and added more positive people in the list. You also do it and see how your life takes a great turn in your life. And if you had one, please share with me.

Some Learning from Elders How to Become a Good Father?

As I was a new learning father of my first child, many things I was following which were incorrect and if people in my society sees it, they could stop me right there and correct me. It was required and I never mind there saying. They were correct, had spent many good and bad days than I spent. Take an example, if I knew some home remedies and my child got a cold and cough I knew a remedy, but still if any one of the steps I missed then? And it happened to me many times. Staying alone away from the family for ten years, there definitely will be a huge gap in terms of knowledge. The villagers knew such remedies better than urban public.

Taking cares time to time is also a part I had missed at the initial stage. My wife has a great experience than I do. She had spent her life in village only and she was up-to-date with all the remedies. Many times she helped me preparing the ones. Raising a child nowadays is not a joke or not a part of only a couple, but it requires good family members in the home. What do you think isn’t that true?

The Time Teaches You Everything You Requires.

Don't know about others, but if I talk about me, It happens to me that when I need something I research then I learn about it on my own and I do it. There are thousands of things I learned and have done for my own purpose. It worked well. I tell you what those things were, if I got an interest to repair any electronics things, I become the first one that examines it and I try to repair it with my tools. If it is out of my hand then I research and learn then do it. And I apply it to everything and anywhere or wherever I go. Recently I learned how to cook restaurant type of Biryani and after I learned, I had cooked it so tasty, everyone licked their lips. I did not tell you, but I am a good cook and I help my wife cooking food many times.

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