Urban Babes In the Car: I Was Walking On The Street Alone With A Beast A Vehicle Makes Me Stop

I was walking on the street alone with a beast- dog,

A vehicle makes me stop, with little fog, around the square, me and dog,

With babes sitting next, chatting fast, joking vast,

"Open door" driver-babe asked and blew out smoke,

She withdrew door glass and said "where this street goes",

With blink eyes, blush on smile and lust in eyes,

The dog started barking, with full, my eyes were sparkling,

Girls were little boozy, working in cold, looking like freezy,

Pink lips were speaking blindly, but it was poaching my think and mind control easy,

"Hello, can you tell, where this road goes?" She said again and threw finished cigar,

"Hey, you bitch, I don't belong to this place, you know that?"

"Hehehe, "do you know? where I can get call boys!" A babe-beside the driver babe-asked

Driver babe makes move fast, 'bye-bye' she signed and completed the task, ran away leaving the 

smoke of the car