Meet Beautiful Petite: A Visit To Infosys DC Hinjewadi Phase-2 Pune on "Petite Infosion Day"

This is a crowd at Infosys Phase 2 in Hinjewadi, Pune. It was finally "Petite Infosion Day" All the father and mother of kids taking them through this crowd and entertained. Almost more than 40 thousand families turned up on that day. I was one of them with my daughter Reedha and my wife Swati.

There was a free tattoo for the kids, Reedha was too small for this activity. I skipped and went ahead.

She was confused all the time, she must have thought that where my father brought me to? All the day she ran here and there, running behind any kid or played with children.

It was the second visit and 2nd year of my daughter to arrive at this place where I work. Last year she was only 6 months old and this month on 6th December she has completed 18 months. Yesterday, she had a lot of fun in my office, clicked many pictures of her in different expressions.

I clicked below pictures there and tried to capture families with their kids.

I found this Santa on the campus.