Indira: Story Of A Woman Who Sacrificed Everything For Her Life, Her Starting Into Motherhood Was Bad

Whenever I realized that there is Woman's day I always remember my grandmother, Indira. She was a woman I met and loved the most. Whenever I used to see her crying I had mercy on her. When I was a child, she used to take care of me. As a person, she was a kind woman who had not only seen but lived very bad days in her life. She had alone fought with life till her babies grew up into adults, her four children were her strong arms and power. I had heard these things when I was a child and it is true as per my investigation with the villagers.

She married at the age of 15 when she just had become a functioning woman. Her family was a poor farmer and had found a groom who was a cow farmer. He was a dark man, a hard worker and not a romantic one. Grandma spent few days after the marriage and came back to her home complaining her family that he was not the person I had a dream about. It was obvious, she was a beautiful woman in her days and she wanted to spend her life in a romantic way. She had a very good understanding and a bossy attitude though she was an illiterate woman.

Few days passed and another groom visited her parents. He was also a married man but not divorced. His name was Narayan and he had a wife but she couldn’t produce a child. I can say one of the biggest loss or pain of a woman who does not conceive. My grandma got a big question in front of her, I should get married or not? Her inner divine power said yes, go for it. Narayan was a handsome and a down to earth man. He was a famous photographer. His techniques of business were very simple, it was in 1948, black & white days. The public was the very fund of clicking the graphs. As far as I know, he used to go village to village and stay there click photos and used to return home after a month or two.

She had decided and got married in the next month. The life had started flowing like a river, never-ending journey of both had started, but due to his business her husband had to go to another village to make money and there was a farm and the drawback was her husband had an over smart brother. He was evil, used to abuse any woman who works on the farm. The things started getting worse gradually since she had to stay home alone or sometimes go on the farm. She learned very soon how to behave with brother-in-law. She had a company and it was the husband's first wife and they had become a good friend. Days passed, she got pregnant for the first time and gave a beautiful child and named Sindhu. Obvious it was great news to Umak family. After many trials to become a father, that day the dream came true. So thus she got pregnant without a gap and thus gave birth to the second child and named Suresh then third Ramesh and last forth Tara.
But, before Tara could come out of the womb, her father died. He was on a trip to business and she did not see her father. What if the child understands at that age that I lost my father? If I were there I would have cried for many days. God, you are great. Now what? A big problem stood in front of her. For an instant, she felt like she was standing in front of men who use woman and she had to live for her children, she can't die or live like that. There was an only a solution that she had to fight and live, every time she had faced such situations she used to take a breath in and make herself strong enough.
For a few days, she went to her mother's house taking all the four children by her delicate arms. She knew that it was a big challenging job for her and to get out of the unbelievable shock and wanted to spend some time alone with her parents. When I had heard the situation I had felt very bad about it, had tears in my eyes.

If I imagine myself with her condition what she had dealt with I wouldn’t have done this, after few days, she got a dream that her house was filled with full of bull and its food and there was no existence of her living again. The cruel man must have thought that she is not going to come back and all the property would in my name. Her sister - first wife of grandfather went to her native place and there was no one living in the house. The demise had shocked everyone.

In the next two days, Indira took all four back to her village and found her dream real watching at her house. Her brother-in-law was a dangerous man and that was the main reason that did not go to his rituals when he died. He had abused her many times doubt on her relationship with others. She took fifteen days to get her house empty from all the debris out of her house. She rebuilt and polished its walls and found her living place again. It was damn sure that if she did not decide to go back, it was then difficult to get her house back.

She alone had to go on the farms of others and earn money to service. Her children were so small and young, they just had started running, walking, sliding and the fourth one was just landed on the earth, still struggling to open the eyes. She had to keep them sometimes at relatives as her earning was not enough to feed them. For many days she had pulses at lunch and dinner. The rice was very far from her reach. At only festivals, they could afford rice or wheat chapatis. When I was ten years old, I was the only boy who used to push the dinner plate if I did not find rice for my lunch or dinner. She was a woman who had never give up and fought with her life until the end. I always wished that my grandmother should come back in the form of my daughter and it is the fact and truth that I have a first daughter.

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