Without the phone, we can’t live #today, but the usage of electronic use must be minimal. Many scientists have claimed that we should keep ourselves away from the electromagnetic radiations. These radiations do not only harm your #DNA but sometimes ruined your life if you do not use it properly.
Last month I met one of my friends who married for five years. He is working in a corporate office, both husband and wife are professionals. He is one of my close friends. Now he said that I got divorced. He shared one incident with me about his family. I felt it weird and safety for all of us. His wife works the night shift and when she returns home she finds her husband sleeping. It had been going on for four years.


Makes you crazy and it is true. One day, he was awake and pretending like sleeping. It was morning 4:45 am, its time his wife usually returns back to home. Whenever she used to come home and as soon as she enters the house her Whatsapp messages keep coming in who’s the irritating vibration of her mobile phone used to break his sleep every morning. All we know the morning time is best for sleep and should not avoid it.


On bits of advice is a bad habit we human keep doing. After many instruction and advice to his wife, she was not ready to change. Her Whatsapp friends were more than her husband. Many thoughts viral his mind and the things were going out of the hands. Gradually the behaviours of both had started changing for each-others and on weekends too, half of their Saturday used to spends in sleep and rest of the day on the phone talking to their relatives and parents.

What was the best thing?

 They could have done to save their relationship? And nobody bothered about it.
She thought we are married and such things do not matter in the relationship. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH sometimes these few words used to save her from her silly mistakes. A day came when she said sorry. What was it for? And why she said sorry? My friend said she had started an affair with another boy.

Was that trust

Made them separated? They are still asking this question to themselves. Changing a mind after you are married for years it was just because of your annoying behaviours. I have found it when I met his wife. She told me that after few years passed my husband started behaving strangely that I had never expected in my life. And from that time I have not planned for a baby. I thought let the correct time come and then only we should decide.

Fighting on weekends

Was a common thing she said. We had started fighting after six months we got married. And the topic was related to my parents, sister and my other friends. I am a modern thinker and always have many friends from my college. And keeping them in touch is my bad habit, but it does not mean I am incorrect.
Do you think there should be a limit on the usage of the phone? This was my next question to her and it was necessary. What limit? When I have fixed schedules due to my job, I get time only those hours to talk to them and I don’t like a man who doubts me. And my parent said to come back home and thus I did it. He lied to you, I am not engaged to anyone, but now I have to think about it.
Now I don't think that this relationship will have any more chances to survive again. There was no trust and that was the reason both failed. What if this keeps happening with the new relationship? What would be precautions for the next relationship? I would recommend them not to switch to the new one. Let them give themselves sometimes live free life until they realize their mistakes and work upon that. In marriage, there are so many things to take care of. It is when especially you have children.

Your behaviours matters to your family might your son or daughter one day learn from you and do the same mistakes in their life. Saving your family is in your hands, in marriage, there is a word called #sacrifices. If we take this into consideration you will win on many things. Somewhere we have to sacrifices and it will help us everywhere.

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