I have always this question keeps banging the nerves of my head. This is obvious because of my wife, she keeps shooting - you don't love your daughter. I feel guilty that why she keeps calling like that? Many answers came from my heart and those were right. Wives do not mean like that. What else I would have done else? When I come from the office, I already get tired. I just give my daughter a few flying kisses, play with her for a few minutes and caress her. And after that my wife still says that you don't love your daughter.
Does love define that way only? I don't know about you, but I do not agree with that. I also heard from her that the love exists till only until you are fiancée and after marriage, the love vanishes like a vapour releases from the pressure cooker. I am strongly disagreeing on that. It never vanishes, it converts and forms a different relationship that loves you would find in your children.

The love never changes for anyone, its get distributes when you have children and my wife's second question was the same. She also says that I don't love the way we used to before we got married. You have changed a lot. I agree to that, man changes when he gets married, but I am not exactly like she says. It is love that always increases when you give it to someone except falling for someone else.
I have less time and that could be the reason that I don't care for my daughter that much my wife wants. I am agreeing to some extent, it is true as I don't get that much time. She is a mother and I can understand the time she spends with the child I don't. Her love cannot be measured against me and no one else in this world would measure the love of a mother, it is indefinite.

I also asked me that what I should do to get it done. How to increase the love and care for my child? I did some researches as I am a new father. My daughter only wants to hold her around the arms, taking her out of the stinky and suffocated house in the open air that always likes her. One day I took a step forward and on a weekend I played with her, taking her on my shoulder, became an animal and made her sat on my back and carried her from one corner of the house to another. Her smiles made my day. And it changes like that, the smiles came on my wife's lips and I proved her wrong.
My baby girl who used to hesitate to come to me, cuddling around my arms and mostly had ignored playing with me and that day she did all well. One thing on that day I learned about how to make a child happy and it was easy. From that day I became favourite of my daughter and I need to keep this rigour sustain not every day but at least on a weekend if I am too busy.

I still wonder why old men like children so much. They might find interests and peace in taking care of them or there could be other many reasons. I think, they must remember their childhood when they see babies. They actually have memories and what else they could remember. They are the only people who had spent almost more than 60 years of their life and many good and bad experiences they have faced in their life.
I have learned about parenting from the only old men, watching them taking care of the babies, loving them, behaving with them like a child and make them the most comfortable in their laps, shoulders, and arms. I believe they would only be a good teacher for the young generations. Everyone should have a friend like that, our knowledge gets healed.

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