Indira: Story Of A Woman Who Sacrificed Everything For Her Life, Her Starting Into Motherhood Was Bad

Whenever I realized that there is Woman's day I always remember my grandmother, Indira. She was a woman I met and loved the most. Whenever I used to see her crying I had mercy on her. When I was a child, she used to take care of me. As a person, she was a kind woman who had not only seen but lived very bad days in her life. She had alone fought with life till her babies grew up into adults, her four children were her strong arms and power. I had heard these things when I was a child and it is true as per my investigation with the villagers.

She married at the age of 15 when she just had become a functioning woman. Her family was a poor farmer and had found a groom who was a cow farmer. He was a dark man, a hard worker and not a romantic one. Grandma spent few days after the marriage and came back to her home complaining her family that he was not the person I had a dream about. It was obvious, she was a beautiful woman in her days and she wanted to spend her life in a romantic way. She had a very good understanding and a bossy attitude though she was an illiterate woman.

Few days passed and another groom visited her parents. He was also a married man but not divorced. His name was Narayan and he had a wife but she couldn’t produce a child. I can say one of the biggest loss or pain of a woman who does not conceive. My grandma got a big question in front of her, I should get married or not? Her inner divine power said yes, go for it. Narayan was a handsome and a down to earth man. He was a famous photographer. His techniques of business were very simple, it was in 1948, black & white days. The public was the very fund of clicking the graphs. As far as I know, he used to go village to village and stay there click photos and used to return home after a month or two.

She had decided and got married in the next month. The life had started flowing like a river, never-ending journey of both had started, but due to his business her husband had to go to another village to make money and there was a farm and the drawback was her husband had an over smart brother. He was evil, used to abuse any woman who works on the farm. The things started getting worse gradually since she had to stay home alone or sometimes go on the farm. She learned very soon how to behave with brother-in-law. She had a company and it was the husband's first wife and they had become a good friend. Days passed, she got pregnant for the first time and gave a beautiful child and named Sindhu. Obvious it was great news to Umak family. After many trials to become a father, that day the dream came true. So thus she got pregnant without a gap and thus gave birth to the second child and named Suresh then third Ramesh and last forth Tara.
But, before Tara could come out of the womb, her father died. He was on a trip to business and she did not see her father. What if the child understands at that age that I lost my father? If I were there I would have cried for many days. God, you are great. Now what? A big problem stood in front of her. For an instant, she felt like she was standing in front of men who use woman and she had to live for her children, she can't die or live like that. There was an only a solution that she had to fight and live, every time she had faced such situations she used to take a breath in and make herself strong enough.
For a few days, she went to her mother's house taking all the four children by her delicate arms. She knew that it was a big challenging job for her and to get out of the unbelievable shock and wanted to spend some time alone with her parents. When I had heard the situation I had felt very bad about it, had tears in my eyes.

If I imagine myself with her condition what she had dealt with I wouldn’t have done this, after few days, she got a dream that her house was filled with full of bull and its food and there was no existence of her living again. The cruel man must have thought that she is not going to come back and all the property would in my name. Her sister - first wife of grandfather went to her native place and there was no one living in the house. The demise had shocked everyone.

In the next two days, Indira took all four back to her village and found her dream real watching at her house. Her brother-in-law was a dangerous man and that was the main reason that did not go to his rituals when he died. He had abused her many times doubt on her relationship with others. She took fifteen days to get her house empty from all the debris out of her house. She rebuilt and polished its walls and found her living place again. It was damn sure that if she did not decide to go back, it was then difficult to get her house back.

She alone had to go on the farms of others and earn money to service. Her children were so small and young, they just had started running, walking, sliding and the fourth one was just landed on the earth, still struggling to open the eyes. She had to keep them sometimes at relatives as her earning was not enough to feed them. For many days she had pulses at lunch and dinner. The rice was very far from her reach. At only festivals, they could afford rice or wheat chapatis. When I was ten years old, I was the only boy who used to push the dinner plate if I did not find rice for my lunch or dinner. She was a woman who had never give up and fought with her life until the end. I always wished that my grandmother should come back in the form of my daughter and it is the fact and truth that I have a first daughter.


I have Done Yesterday With Rubella Vaccination To My Baby Girl: Have You Done This Vaccination?

Across the all major cities, Govt of India has ruled out the camps at every school and Govt Hospital. They are providing costly vaccination totally free of cost and it has kept mandatory for any individual who is falling between 18 months to 15 year old.

Guys, just wanted to let you know that I have done vaccination of Rubella virus to Reedha. It was happened in quite a busy and difficult time and yesterday was the last day in our area. It is getting free of cost from the government of India. It was last day yesterday for free vaccination.

What is Rubella?

Rubella is very dangerous among the pregnant ladies and should be taken care immediate without ignorance.

Initiatives of Government of India

Across the all major cities, Govt of India has ruled out the camps at every school and Govt Hospital. They are providing costly vaccination totally free of cost and it has kept mandatory for any individual who is falling between 18 months to 15 years old.

Before taking this vaccination, baby must have his/her stomach full.
Feed your baby with full stomach and then take to the Hospital. If the virus attacked by pregnant women, it can cause deafness in the unborn child. If you are not yet aware about it, please contact to the nearest Govt Hospital immediate.

Symptoms :-

  • Running nose
  • Fever
  • Headache

7 Things You Must Know To Overcome The Fight Between You: Any Marriage Needs Guidance And A Help from Experience One

We all know our culture, giving the respect to the husband is the most important in India. This situation might have brought the front of you because of your nature. Saying yes to all your husband's thought will make you strong adviser and after few days, only he will start listening to you. The reason why he always listens to your mother-in-law was simple, he has spent more than he spent with you. Spend more time with him over the smart conversation, but not on debate.


We all know our culture, giving the respect to the husband is the most important in India. This situation might have brought the front of you because of your nature.
Saying yes to all your husband's thought will make you strong adviser and after few days, only he will start listening to you. The reason why he always listens to your mother-in-law was simple, he has spent more than he spent with you. Spend more time with him over the smart conversation, but not on debate.


A smile cost you nothing but it brings you many good people and relations that make you famous too. I had an enemy for ten years and once upon a day, in a market, we exchanged our glances and while I smiled at him and he quickly returned my smile back and from the next day, we became friends. And after few days he had become a great help to me. So in life, time will never tell you when this particular person you will require which time. It keeps your surprise, everyone is important on the earth. Keep smiling.

She might be doing the best thing she wanted for her son and you will do the good things for your son. Both are right, but the knowing each other correctly is the main reason and we don't want to. You are great at being motherhood and she does unlike.


First and foremost thing is meeting the expectations. What is her expectation you should know and vice-versa? If you meet expectations of your husband, yours will automatically meet. Try first get those done, everything will be sorted out. Some got tendency from our behaviors and if you want to change someone, you need to bring the changes in yourself.


One thing you must have noticed about the behavior of your husband front of his parent. Let me tell you it is not going to change while only you have to change your reaction front of them. Do something like as happiness will come on their faces. They would love it and the bond between you will increase.


Inspiration in terms of his work life and the goals for his career growth. Every man likes to receive compliments from his wife. I expect too. Find some sticks those keep family always happy.
And do not forget one thing, after every happiness, there is sadness so let sadness quickly pass through it to enjoy happy time slow and last longer.


Your mother-in-law is for few days like a guest living with you guys for a help. Because of her, you are there, you have gotten such a great, handsome and caring husband and you should take care of his mother more than your husband.
Her blessing will charm your relationships and keep your family happy. If you carry such attitude in your life, in future same with happen with you when you are aged.



I have always this question keeps banging the nerves of my head. This is obvious because of my wife, she keeps shooting - you don't love your daughter. I feel guilty that why she keeps calling like that? Many answers came from my heart and those were right. Wives do not mean like that. What else I would have done else? When I come from the office, I already get tired. I just give my daughter a few flying kisses, play with her for a few minutes and caress her. And after that my wife still says that you don't love your daughter.
Does love define that way only? I don't know about you, but I do not agree with that. I also heard from her that the love exists till only until you are fiancée and after marriage, the love vanishes like a vapour releases from the pressure cooker. I am strongly disagreeing on that. It never vanishes, it converts and forms a different relationship that loves you would find in your children.

The love never changes for anyone, its get distributes when you have children and my wife's second question was the same. She also says that I don't love the way we used to before we got married. You have changed a lot. I agree to that, man changes when he gets married, but I am not exactly like she says. It is love that always increases when you give it to someone except falling for someone else.
I have less time and that could be the reason that I don't care for my daughter that much my wife wants. I am agreeing to some extent, it is true as I don't get that much time. She is a mother and I can understand the time she spends with the child I don't. Her love cannot be measured against me and no one else in this world would measure the love of a mother, it is indefinite.

I also asked me that what I should do to get it done. How to increase the love and care for my child? I did some researches as I am a new father. My daughter only wants to hold her around the arms, taking her out of the stinky and suffocated house in the open air that always likes her. One day I took a step forward and on a weekend I played with her, taking her on my shoulder, became an animal and made her sat on my back and carried her from one corner of the house to another. Her smiles made my day. And it changes like that, the smiles came on my wife's lips and I proved her wrong.
My baby girl who used to hesitate to come to me, cuddling around my arms and mostly had ignored playing with me and that day she did all well. One thing on that day I learned about how to make a child happy and it was easy. From that day I became favourite of my daughter and I need to keep this rigour sustain not every day but at least on a weekend if I am too busy.

I still wonder why old men like children so much. They might find interests and peace in taking care of them or there could be other many reasons. I think, they must remember their childhood when they see babies. They actually have memories and what else they could remember. They are the only people who had spent almost more than 60 years of their life and many good and bad experiences they have faced in their life.
I have learned about parenting from the only old men, watching them taking care of the babies, loving them, behaving with them like a child and make them the most comfortable in their laps, shoulders, and arms. I believe they would only be a good teacher for the young generations. Everyone should have a friend like that, our knowledge gets healed.


Meet Beautiful Petite: A Visit To Infosys DC Hinjewadi Phase-2 Pune on "Petite Infosion Day"

This is a crowd at Infosys Phase 2 in Hinjewadi, Pune. It was finally "Petite Infosion Day" All the father and mother of kids taking them through this crowd and entertained. Almost more than 40 thousand families turned up on that day. I was one of them with my daughter Reedha and my wife Swati.


A Newly Married Man: How He Experienced The Life, Changes Before & After Marriage

If I talk about how do I feel being a married man? There are many things and happiness is such a huge that it can't be told in the few words. It was a day when I was working in the office and a thought came in my mind that doctor gave due date 5th of Jun 2017 to my wife and I have to take leaves on those days and I had already told to my boss those tentative dates, but I was not that cautious enough. Many times I told my wife that I will take delivery of our baby at  home and my wife including my mother and her mother laughed too.

Feelings of Being A Married Man.

If I talk about how do I feel being a married man? There are many things and #happiness is such a huge that it can't be told in the few words. It was a day when I was working in the office and a thought came in my mind that doctor gave due date 5th of Jun 2017 to my wife and I have to take leaves on those days and I had already told to my boss those tentative dates, but I was not that cautious enough. Many times I told my wife that I will take delivery of our baby at
home and my wife including my mother and her mother laughed too.

"Left those days when women deliver the baby at home." My #mother-in-law said.

We both were curiously waiting for our baby and my wife and other family members including my parents were thinking that there is a boy coming home. But somewhere in my mind, a feeling of a daughter was holding the nerves of my mind. I remember except me no one was ready to believe that there was a baby girl breathing through intestine of my wife. There was a reason behind that, in our family for many years first was a baby boy and then again a baby boy and third child used to be a girl.



Without the phone, we can’t live #today, but the usage of electronic use must be minimal. Many scientists have claimed that we should keep ourselves away from the electromagnetic radiations. These radiations do not only harm your #DNA but sometimes ruined your life if you do not use it properly.
Last month I met one of my friends who married for five years. He is working in a corporate office, both husband and wife are professionals. He is one of my close friends. Now he said that I got divorced. He shared one incident with me about his family. I felt it weird and safety for all of us. His wife works the night shift and when she returns home she finds her husband sleeping. It had been going on for four years.




Dating freely 

Without getting worried is the best for the one who doesn't want to get married and date free with whomever you want. This is the upcoming living style of the people. This is varying with the region to religion. If I am talking about such dating in on the land of trust, India then it is quite difficult and people from the country will oppose you doing so. They immediately will throw you out of society.


"Don't Feel Safe In India" - Naseeruddin Shah

I was shocked when I saw this video, Naseeruddin Shah said that he has frightened and worried to stay in India. But My question is why he said like that and who made him to go front of media. Whatever he said is true and absolutely right. I admit what I wanted to convey the message.

He said it's our country and no one has the right to vacate us from our motherland. The thinking of common man will not go away and it is very difficult to admit that Hindu and Muslim are made from the same blood.




I came first time to a city of
my new husband's home with a doubt
Be aware of the one who is 
a liar said my villagers louder
I was a newly married girl
who had never seen a city

I was Dumb Stucked When I Saw The Katraj Zoo: Only Management is Responsible for This

I remember that day clearly, It was Saturday when I had visited #Katraj #Zoo in 2012 It was the best place for Hanging out with your girlfriend/boyfriend or with your school-mate or you can come with your family members. I went there with my parents. I remembered, there were so cement road, it was as natural as you go and walk in the forest footpath. Musky land, traditional couple entry, or school boys & girls. All of these were specialities. The co-workers, guards were soft and polite. Almost 6.5 years later I visited this zoo and I got shocked when I entered.

I was Dumb Stucked When I Saw The Katraj Zoo

They have developed very fine cement road which has lost the feeling of natural road walk and I was still feeling that I have not come to the zoo, but someone has dragged me to a corner of a crowded city. I could feel the traffic, this may be the result of tree cutting or maybe increase in vehicles.

The disappointed mood forcefully led me to see snake park wondering that there will be a fine agreement of my mood, but then when I saw this sleepy python. It seems like he has not eaten for months. Look at his picture below.

I was strongly feeling that I have wasted my time to come here all the way from Dehu road to Katraj, Pune. But then I rebuilt my mind and took part in the happiness of my family. (This time I had come with my wife and daughter)

Then we all three headed toward the animal section where all hungry were running for food. They might not get food on time.
One thing I still wonder back in 2012 when I was there at the end of the park, the board says, "Elephant is ahead" I couldn't find even single one and again on Saturday, Dec 15, 2018, I have not found it. Zoo guys are making fool people that there is an Elephant in this park.

Many families come with #children and their happiness lies in such an innocent creature that make them happy. At least Elephant does. When we were on the way to the zoo I was making my daughter sure that we are going to see Elephant and when that promise wasn't met then it was difficult for us to handle the situation.

If someone from the zoo reading this, please make sure about it that the public should enjoy #nature.


One More Life : A Story of A Poor & Innocent Woman Who Has Wish To Live Again

She opened her bleary eyes when the cat, all seven pounds of squirming flesh, climbed onto her belly. Squinting into the sunlight streaming in from the open window, she discovered that she was now the weary possessor of a pounding headache, and at some point, had managed to lose both a tooth and a spouse.

Next day a cow was in front of a house and bellowing continued.

“Where is that bitch, she has kept her cow untied.” A man said. His bony daughter came into the veranda wrapping a muffler.

“I don’t know where she is? Must be trying her black magic somewhere else.” His wife cried, who was in veranda cleaning the pots.

“Mom, don’t say that she was my teacher.”

“If she is good, she would have conceived. I am damn sure about it.” Her mother whispered through her clenched teeth.

The bony woman was pregnant,

“Hey you,” her mother cried, looking at the opened window of the neighbor’s house.

“Remember, if I ever found your cow in my yard I will make it a handicap and report to the Grampanchyat. Then bear the fines.” She was standing keeping her hands on the waist. Echoing complete silence from the adjacent house, it was locked inside. A newly baby cried and her daughter went in.

“Enough now keep quiet?” her husband shouted.

“Don’t you know? The cow ate my sleep. I had sleepless nights for two days.” The woman said.

“I think I should check it out what’s the matter?”

The house they were shouting at was the house of Indira before marriage she was a beautiful girl, she had got married at the age of 17 when she had completed the education till the class 10th. Her father was a farmer, mother was a housewife and she had a brother, they were living in a nearby village in Mussoorie. She got married to Krishna, a slave who mere had two acres of the land and a house on the farm. She had started living in Mussoorie with her husband, while she got an offer letter from a government school for the post of a teacher. Indira had given an interview before her marriage. Her husband continued working on the farm and she used to go to school. Her house was on a small hill and had around 100 houses in the village. The house was on the farm and looked simple one. It was made up of brick and mud. There were two rooms, the front was a hall and a kitchen had attached to a cowshed in the backyard. It had a fine rectangular yard of a thousand square feet area, including few flowering plants, basil plants on its border and the floor was made up of soil.

She used to wake up at six in the morning and sprinkles water in the yard, she had been using the cow waste. She was a well-educated woman and many villagers used to request her advice to solve the dispute of their families, she had a good understanding. She was a favorite of many students and now they have been working in reputed school, colleges and government sectors.

They were a loving couple and with immense love and unable to stay away even for a moment. They never had a single fight or a dispute.

A few years passed with happiness, but after many trials, though Indira had not been able to find a success becoming a mother. Every next day she used to wake up with a hope, the couple had visited many hospitals already as well as the local doctors but brought no changes in her married life. After a year of her marriage, her brother had gotten married and had two children by that time, a son and a daughter. Later, they have promised to live for each other as this was the destiny decided for them.

Twenty years had passed, but no child, whenever she used to see any child, her heart could melt, but there was a no further option had left. Her brother who had two children, they had gotten married when she was in her 50’s. Her journey had kept on, soon she got the retirement, but a thought of being a mother was still a thrilling and shaking nightmare and sometimes it could hit her inside leaving sometimes breathless.

Once upon a day, they both got a prolonged jolt, Indira and her husband were having dinner in the hall, the front door had kept opened, and a boy who just learned walking had come into the hall. He was from the adjacent house. Indira took him on her lap and at the same time her mother came into her house and snatched her baby,

She swelled her nostril, "You don't have a child and you are feeding my child, if he found ill in the future, you guys will be the most responsible." She banged the door on her back.

These words kept humming in the ears of both husband and wife. Henceforth, they had stopped talking to neighbors. Her husband had gotten much shock than Indira and he got confirmed and enough to understand that he won’t be a father in his lifetime. While he was working on the farm, but his thoughts couldn’t refrain from the words which were banging his ears and kept driving him crazy. He had lost the control over the mind. Whenever he was watching the kids playing around his house, his eyes couldn't stop staring them. The neighbors had caught him eyeing on their kids many times and taunt him, almost half of the villagers were started thinking bad about the family. Sometimes he had many sleepless nights thinking of the future.

A few months later a demon had banged the door in the midnight. The black clouds exploded suddenly and Indira was asleep. Unexpectedly, her husband had a heart attack, in the breathless throbbing, he went near her and caressed her back with the trembling hand. He kissed her cheeks watching her with the wet eyes.

The rain was so heavy and the small streams of the rain were running at high speed besides every house. The air was noisy and had made all the trees had woken up the entire village at 2:15 am. Indira too woke up in such a bad weather of the night. She had found her husband dead, 60 years old lady did not ask neighbors for any help nor disclosed the death, simply she had kept crying in the nook the whole night and waited till her relatives come for the funeral.

On a weekend she had woken up on a bellow of the cow, it was early. The summer was hot and mosquitoes couldn't let her sleep. She walked through the kitchen and opened the backyard door, stood watching the cow crying for the food.

"Oh God, I had forgotten?"

She stepped into the woods cattle shed. She could scarcely see dangling cow’s tail and head. She fed the green grass, a bucket of the water and came back to the bed. Looking at the roof, at a spider’s net, she closed her eyes.

No firewood at home. She thought.

A cat yelled, she opened her dry eyes,

Did she wake up early too?

The house had wooden doors and windows – rotten, broken. The cat used to come anytime, jumping on the bed, sleeping with her. Sometimes were annoying and many times she had gotten frustrated due to the behaviors of the cat, but most of the time, allowing the cat getting into the house was ignored by Indira as it, an alone lady was hungry for a company.

I don't think so there is milk or something has kept open, she thought.

The cat jumped on the bed, “Mew mew...” walked slowly on her blanket looking at her, scratching her mustache. The cat, seven pounds of dangling flesh sat on the blanket, on her legs. She closed her shrunken eyes as she wanted to sleep one more hour. The cat jumped off the bed and went out through a small opening of the front door.

She woke up at 8:00 am, she washed the face, had brushed and before she could go to God, she stood in front of her husband’s photograph, on its head had a dry jasmine flower. She closed her eyes, and did a prayer for a few seconds, then she had a tea.

At nine in the morning, she closed the front door, she had a rope in the handmade from an old sari.

Did I forget something? She thought. I have fed cow and locked the back door. Let it be, there is no gold in my house anyway.

After two hours, her sleep had broken by the cowbells. She had slept peacefully and was feeling some freshness on the face. She realized she needs water anyhow, opened the eyes.

Oh God, what time? She felt it’s time to go back home.

She saw a man was approaching her with his three cows and a goat. She quickly got up and gave the way to those content and happy animals.

"Excuse me, can I get a glass of water." She asked the cow herd.

"Mother, what are you doing here alone, go home." The old man said and gave her a bottle of the water from his stinky sack. The grandma drank it all, almost more than half a liter. She stood straight looking at him with a signed of relief.

"Thank you."

"Let's go home, don't stay here"

"No, I have to get some firewood for cooking."

"You won’t find single firewood all the villagers had taken home in the early morning.

She started following him without uttering a word. The hunger had gone away. The entrance of the village come, but his house was at the other end.

"Now go slowly." The man went straight.

Now what? It’s getting dark and I am not able to see clearly. She walked a few steps and fell on the ground, her knees hurt and bleed out.

"May I help you? A girl, five years old picked her up.

"Who are you?" Indira asked blinking her eyes and waiving unsupportive hands. The girl came in front, held the trembling hands and placed the palms on Indira’s cheek,

"Grandma, My name is Kavya where is your house?” the girl said with a cute smile and showing her emerging teeth, “Don’t worry I will take you home."

The grandma caressed her back.

"Let's go straight and take the first left." The Indira went on,

"You said your last name was Desai?"

"Yes, grandma,"

"Is your father's name is Santosh?"

"Yes," the girl said loudly.

"Okay, you are smart." Her eyes filled with the tears.

"Kavya, do you know," she stopped, became excited.

"What grandma?"

"Your father was my favorite student."

"Oh really? I will say to my father.


"Grandma is that your house."

The grandma had shrunken her eyes and glanced over the veranda and nodded. She saw a blurred image of the basil plants under the moonlight.

"Thank you, Kavya and God bless you.” Indira patted Kavya’s back,

“Now you go home carefully, your father must be waiting for you," Indira said.

Indira opened the door, picked up a matchbox was lying near the bed and burned the two lanterns which were sitting on the edge of the window. One kept in the hall and another brought into the kitchen. She saw the cat had spilled over all the milk and the wheat flour on the ground. The cat was still there licking the milk and bathed with the flour. She clenched her teeth, her eyes flooded. She went into the nook to pick up a wooden stick before she hit the cat she fell on the wet floor. She lost a tooth and the mouth bleeds. She got irate and picked up the wooden stick again and threw at the cat,

"I am going to kill you tonight.”

The cat bellowed loudly as if she is dying. The cat ran away through a gap of the backyard door and disappeared into the cowshed.

She was so shy, in her lifetime, she never walked into any neighbor for borrowing any food. She filled and swelled her stomach with the water and came in front of her husband's photo and stood.

"Can you see how difficult to stay alone here without you. I am tired now."

The tears were streaming down on both cheeks. She came back to the bed and lay down.

Next day morning Indira woke up at 8:10 when she felt the soft sunlight flashed in her eyes. She was not asleep, she was so much hungry, remembering her loneliness she opened her bleary eyes when the cat, all seven pounds of squirming flesh, climbed onto her belly. She discovered that she was now the weary possessor of a pounding headache,

“It is no more bearable." She whispered.

A roll of a tear came down to her cheek and quickly slipped and disappeared under her neck. She could feel the saliva already started eating her fats from the stomach.

Next day at 9:15 am a neighbor from the adjacent house appeared in the dirt yard and the window was opened. The caw was crying,

I think she must have gone to her brother’s house? He said. He looked at the opened window,

"Hello,” the man peeped in. Indira was sleeping on the bed under the blanket.

“HELLO,” he banged the door twice, but no response.

The other men and woman gathered around the house.

“She is dead,” an old lady the same of her age said.

The villagers reported to the police station and reported the incidence. Around 4:00 pm a police jeep came, got down two constables, broke the door and went inside the house along with the neighbors, a tall and muscular constable pulled the blanket. He saw, her mouth was wide opened and she was holding a letter in her left hand.

"She has written something." The officer said.

He reads out loud,

I was a lover
But I got to hate everything now
As very next day I get a fever.
I was a teacher
But everyone teaches me now
Because I am now older.

What to do now
The things will never come into my life like wow.
I am alone
I have to walk, using a stick on my own.
I have lost my husband
Who will walk with me?

For me, God knows who will raise funds.
I have never been conceived
I live in a small mud and brick house
The last night, thieves deceived.
I have thin skin and bleary eyes how many times will cry?
When I go in the sun every day, I almost fry.
Now I am tired of crying and living alone in, my love
I wanted to come where you live.
I know you would be living in the heaven

I regret upon, gave you my loves, but not children.
I wanted to live with you one more time
Need feelings of a mother and more shine.
Call me once where you are now

Wherever, it does not matter if you are on earth, up or down.
Living alone without you, have no strength
I have a love for you, but not wealth.

The police burst in the tears wiped his eyes, he was with a short and fat partner.

“Where is her son or daughter?”

“She was living alone, her husband died a few months ago and she did not conceive. Her brother stays in the nearest village, Palakwadi. One of the villagers said.

The police pulled up his wireless phone and held the front of the mouth and press the button.

“Hello,” he blinked his wet eyes.

“I need an ambulance please send it to Mussoorie.”

The villagers helped each other and brought the dead body into the yard.

The constable heard a cry of a newly born baby, he again held the letter in front and read the line ‘Call me once where you are now’ and smiled.

The ambulance had come in fifteen minutes and took her dead body to the hospital.

She turned and saw a hill two miles away. She started walking with her skinny legs.

"Oh shit, I forgot the water bottle." she murmured.

She gasped in, gulped few salivae through her dry throat.

How can I forget my water? She thought.

She was completely tired, her skin had oozed out much sweat and suddenly her body started trembling. In the morning she had nothing except two glasses of water and a cup of tea. She stopped, everywhere was long trees, rocks, and tiny random jungle footpaths.

"Find the water or else neither I won't be able to walk anymore and not be in a position to collect the woods."

/>A wave of the pain attacked the waist, she stood straight, keeping her hands on the waist. The breathing was suddenly found difficult its way in. Her blinking had been continuously watering the eyes, but it was not enough.

She turned and found not even a single animal. She slowly leaned her hands to get a spot as quickly as the darkness had come in front like a ripped cloud. There was no option, both the eyes gleamed and turned wet, she breathes had then got recovered the access and she quickly felt much better. She was sitting under a shadow of the tree, but on the main footpath.

I have to wait until someone comes, only God could find a pit on this hill.

Indira was sitting on her feet only. Ten minutes later her legs became heavy, and she brought down the butt and placed on the ground and gave her legs more comfort.

She brought her face in the gap between the legs and closed her eyes. Quickly fell asleep.

Urban Babes In the Car: I Was Walking On The Street Alone With A Beast A Vehicle Makes Me Stop

I was walking on the street alone with a beast- dog,

A vehicle makes me stop, with little fog, around the square, me and dog,

With babes sitting next, chatting fast, joking vast,

"Open door" driver-babe asked and blew out smoke,

She withdrew door glass and said "where this street goes",

With blink eyes, blush on smile and lust in eyes,

The dog started barking, with full, my eyes were sparkling,

Girls were little boozy, working in cold, looking like freezy,

Pink lips were speaking blindly, but it was poaching my think and mind control easy,

"Hello, can you tell, where this road goes?" She said again and threw finished cigar,

"Hey, you bitch, I don't belong to this place, you know that?"

"Hehehe, "do you know? where I can get call boys!" A babe-beside the driver babe-asked

Driver babe makes move fast, 'bye-bye' she signed and completed the task, ran away leaving the 

smoke of the car

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