Thanks God I Did Not Drink Wine: An Old Woman's Thought in Poetry Explains A Lot

The time flew in a second
I go back in the past without a stand

I had all lost my age
No savings, how I did spend my wage?

I am now an old woman left with only memories
I have everything but still got left me with worries
My husband is no more and I am 89

Long back ago, people used to say- to live long drink wine
Those were a shit I got to know this
Every time I walk now with a hiss

Who wants to live such a long life?
When your partner is not live

Thanks to god I did not drink wine
My skin has wrinkles

On my left cheek, still appears a dimple
To whom I should smile?
For a person, I can't even walk for miles.

Just a wish left in my thought
God take me with you without a jolt.