Statue of Unity - Under Consequences That Impacting on Upcoming Election in India

Statue of Unity under consequences that impacting upcoming election in India

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Statue of Unity - Under Consequences That Impacting on Upcoming Election

What is wrong happening in India is the main concern of Indian, but judging them before the reaction is what we need to learn. If something planned by the government they just raise their voice and raising a voice is not back, in fact, it is of public and it's their property. We have rights to say any bad and good things.

Raising of Consequences

These consequences are rising from one of us and keep continue spreading among the others, but in the end, it will nothing change. Long back ago the set up was already done, and It had built. Many of us were not aware of it.

The Statue of Sardar Vallabhbai Patel

The statue of Sardar Vallabhbai Patel which has built awesome well shaped engineered, involved many hard workers and best-talented people from India. And every talent people should showcase their talent has rights and what is the use of that talent if it is kept hidden inside a dustbin inside the wall. As a country, top men also feel that we as an Indian somewhere lagging compare to other countries. We many Indian go onsite, visit other countries, the most embarrassing moment when someone native of his country says wow of his own land.

There are Many Developed Countries

"There are many developed countries and as India, we are top in the talk of corruptions, and what we are doing to stop that? so if the man of India, Narendra Modi Ji, has taken ownership to build and showed the world that we also have talent and we also can build many like this so what is wrong in there?"

Tendency of India

The tendency of India is very simple and it is well known popular, if my neighbor has bought something new at home, I will comment on it or at least I will buy something expensive than he does. but we will never go and congratulate him, this is the place where we are lagging and need to show the improvement to each of us and make a well developed India.

Native People Saying Bad

Native People saying bad about Statue of Unity as they were expecting more about exemption on farm loan, they can not pay to the bank, education fees to be reduced, the reduction in petrol price. What about them who have government schools and a child but they were not able to afford traveling expenses and after upon they got a chance and worked as labor for the statue for their wages, people who even have no vehicles. They are happy now, the statue fed their families for many months. A new smile on their children's face was only the reason for the Statue of Unity, hopefully, will unity the people, country and the world.

Locals Who Had No Employment

Locals who had no employment now on got a chance to set up a shop nearby to serve visitors, this is I can call providing employment to unemployed people. This one statue will attract many foreigners and other states public for the next six to seven century and more.

Farmers are Complaining About Farming

Farmers are complaining about their farming and water supply, they are saying that "Government had given us promise that we will bring water supply for advance farming", and due to some reason it was delayed or postponed. That does not mean to blame someone on creating one of the wonders in the world.

Opposite Politician Reactions

Opposite politician reactions are always there, even some support. There is nothing new in this type, in the end when the one who gets the power will take care of The Statue of Unity, so why naming it awkward from now. No one is going to last longer in politician career, a new face will come and make his own history, changes and everyone want to make good history and people trying for it so let them try.

Common Man of India What They Need

The common man of India what they need, a job and two times food, even they don't expect regular breakfast on time, lunch and dinner are enough for them. They even don't have time to talk anything bad or good about the statue, whatever comes in their way is always good.

Detail, Please visit Wikipedia - Statue of Unity

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