It Matters What You Do In Life - Do Good Things on This Holly Earth

This is the life I lived

I was a cruel, Nobody I feed

I was a Thieve and murdered many

Killed the emotions, feelings for a penny

My brain was the house of evil thought

Day and night they use to fight

I am tired, I can't walk alone

Nobody lives around me, wife sold my house and gone

I need a help, I wanted to go to a hospital.

I am a beggar I live in a drainage pipe under a bridge

I eat the same food from weeks, to keep them, I have no fridge

I was a bad man, was living in a bungalow and rich

I had married a woman who was a witch

She ran away, leaving me alone here in the drainage pipe

I hardly bath when rain and use my shirt for body wipe

I learned the end of my life, Never hurt anyone.

you have to pay back. for you, waiting for someone

God, the pain I am getting is enough now

I ate no food today, give me a bit anyhow

If the death is easy

Give me you're crazy