Any Guess Who Will be the Top in The list of Twitter Followers? Check Out

Mr. Perfectionist - Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, one of the successful actors in Bollywood industries. His most of the movies are hit on the Boxoffice. He has 23.9M Followers today.

Robert Dwney Jr.

He is an  Ironman of all students' favorite actor of Hollywood. As on today, he got 11.7M Twitter followers

Salman Khan

Despite his acting skills, he is also a good Painter. He is an action hero as well as he did some drama as well. His Bajarangi Bhaijan was one of the hits recently. He has 35M followers.

Dwayne Johson

People call him Rock, He is a good bodybuilder in Hollywood. He has been working in Fast and Furious series. He has 13M followers today.

Tom Hanks

He is the famous actor of Hollywood, he does not be with social media frequently, His one of the hits movie Cast Away has been one of the best movie public ever liked

Leonardo DiCaprio

I don't need to explain about Leonardo, He has been a versatile actor, played in many movies like Titanic, Blood Diamon, and Inception, an incredible movie all the time. He got 19M followers today.

Adam Sandler

Adam is a very good actor, he is a well human being behind the screen, he got 2.1M followers

Vin Diesel

A lead actor of Fast and Furious, He has been in tough competition with Rock, despite, both are good friends and suits working together. He has now 227K followers

SRK - Shah Rukh Khan

SRK - Is one of the favorite actors of an Indian girl, his dimples are very famous among them, despite acting, he is a businessman, hard worker, and a successful Indian actor.

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