Nawazuddin Siddiqui Vs Irfan Khan

Nawazuddin has now won the hearts of many Indian, He is on the upcoming list of the superstar. His latest web series "Sacred Games" He played the role of a gangster, one of the best characters in the series named people started calling him "Gaitonde".

The story starts from his early life, offensive, abusive and beating others was his main role. He did it very well as he was an experienced actor, Rajshri Deshpande had also contributed an equal amount of her acting and gave a top fight to Mr. Siddiqui. Her work was admirable, her facial expressions leave an impression on the audience.

The audience literally shocked to see her nudity seen and best chemistry of both. It shows the eternal, unconditional love between them, the love was very far from the physical relation.

Nawazuddin's tone was new and thrilling. I saw the web series without a break. Few seen were breathtaking. In all the first part, there was a positive in his side, but what exactly that positive leads to was the secret.

In the series, he was displayed as a sex addict and crazy about anything in love. But what different gets found in between Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Irfan Khan? both Play a similar role, sometimes they choose the same costume and style. I believe these actors are going to rock the Bollywood in crime and thriller movies.

But I am damn sure, they can't do well in the same movie, they have to show their talent independently in the lead role.

Nawaz had done many hard-work to find the way in Bollywood than Irfan Khan. Both look very good in their role and can not say that they copy each other, they have a unique style of acting but on the same genre.

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