We Shouldn't Forget our Childhood Memories

Hello god, how are you?
I have developed semi walking and quit sliding now
I wanted to say this but I couldn't
My parents are so happy like wow
They love me
But sometimes they slap me
Sometimes I wanted to talk to them
When they laugh and crack jokes with me
I feel very nice and entertaining
Same way when at home your best friend came
They huge me with a lot of kisses
I keep a smile on my lips
Father disappears early in the morning
Mom says he is working
If I fell on the floor, from dad mom gets a warning
When I get bored, few toys around me they always keep
I try to speak but they don't understand my words
They reply me in a long sentence and for me it becomes loads
Hello god, how are you?
I don't find even few
Why can't you keep these memories forever in your ways?
Grandparent hate their son and daughter at their old days