When I Saw You First Time

Literary Reads/Reedha Umak 

When I saw you the first time
Glanced me without a blink
I had realized first when I saw you,
my angel,
You could anywhere sink
Your mother was the first time in coma
God had gifted her
Her life with a cute Shona
I was had become a father
We really had a word to become it rather
I was waiting to see your smile
Waiting for the moments and had stopped working on a file
When the sunlight for you was an intense light
You couldn’t open your tiny eyes in the white
Your mother laughed loud first time
When you by a mistake said Aaie
She said a tear drips from her cheek
When you smile, go away alone and make her seek
We both love you so much
And your mother wants to be your good coach
So that, you can remember, walk with us, proud and shine.

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