Red Red Red Red... Red Red!

Red Red Red Red… Red Red!!!
In the early morning what I had said,
In the group of peers; where I get paid.
Do you know what I mean to say?
In the unique fashion and a way,
Here is little celebration of the Santa,
In the office, you know, all we want.
We had requested to come in black, blue and Red,
One of, in our crew, Deepa had said.
We all are the energetic ones,
Always like to make big fun.
Red & white cap everybody wore today,
Chattering loudly, had coffee & tea to heal dry throat may.
Hey readers! Wish, you could around here if you miss this,
It was happy, sweet and memorable one like a first kiss.
And everyone was saying Tie Tie Fisss,
Wish you happy and memorable X-mas to all, is my Wish!!

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