One Step Ahead, One Step Back

Literary Reads - One Step Ahead

One step ahead, one step back

Please don’t ask me now, how do I walk.

Life was happy like a Rosses in the hand

Please don’t ask me, how we had the fad.

Now office started living its life

Nobody dares to ask about his last fight.

I couldn’t forget those foggy mornings, college and bus stop,

Every day like living in the heaven and my books were never mopped.

Every evening was spent on the roof till the night,

The annoyed mobile could text, talking and end with the fight.

Now I wake up, morning start with rubbing my eyes,

Parents feel good and proud, but I think it is never wise.

Every day was memorable ones, in college we used to had lot of fun,

Eye keeps open until I hear back quarterly fund, like happiness one ton.

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