Living In The Heart

Literary Reads - Living In The Heart
I got you after many years
I want to store you inside
of my heart without any fears.
I will buy you, feed you and 
take you wherever you want
If the transport does not do,
I will take you on Hary Potter's wand.
My breathing, let feel yours
Let me push my heart's gear.
I will never keep you alone
and I will never let anybody create your clone.
I was missing you for many days
I had tried finding you through a lot of ways.
My heart was breathing with a shivering string
I could remember the days we had spent in the spring.
I don't wanna miss your single smiles
Will walk with you thousands of miles.
Every breathes that you take
and every moment we have lived is not fake.
In this universe, only you and I will live longer
Not even a ghost will cross finger.
I want you to taste the life ahead of aged wine
Living alone without you will never be fine.
I want to sleep with you necked holding your back
In the bream too, I want with you a walk.
For you, I promise, I will be a wool
When you feel sad in the winter cool.
Life without you will never be happy
Every evening let it starts with a cup of coffee.
Now my heart has gripped you inside of me
Wanted the great lover in this century to be.