A Lost Fame Woman

The whole house was empty the door open stood
It was made up of decay wood
The members were missing from the early morning
One of the men had given, in the middle of the night a warning
The foam oozed out when he found
He was laid in the dark night on a road near a ground
On the body had many scars and wound
People said he was murdered or he was poisoned or suicide
But the entire village knew yesterday was a big fight
He was polite and a strong man of a village
When the body had come from the postmortem
Everybody’s breathe got very shorten
Nobody dared to fight with the man
Though, he had many fans
He suicide because of his daughter had run from the wedding stall
In the small village, darkness had eaten the happiness and great fall
The girl was a favorite of her father’s child
Father used to behave with her loving and kind
The girl should never do like that
Her last day with the parents was regretting or what
Her existence was in this world because of her father
She should never forget her parents rather
Who had given a life her to live
Such a good father get by chance to few
Till the time she was honey on the father’s finger
Obeyed her father’s respect, Linger
She ran away just she found a benefit in future
But she does not know she loosed her fame and her soul creator


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