A Boy Who Used Me

A Boy Who Used Me
He was a loser who had used me
I was in a park where he freaked me
When I got home parents slapped me
They kicked my ass and out of home dragged me
I am a simple girl, a bad guy who had rung me
I had gone in the garden and sat beside him,
he has sung for me
I praised him a little so he hugged me
I smiled at him, he kissed me.
While walking out, a gardener saw me
I know him and he knows me
I smiled at him, he clinched at me
Going forward, he is not going to talk to me
He said, that boy is a bad guy and stopped me
The next day I saw him with another girl and it shocked me.


I Want To Feel You Tonight

I Want To Feel You Tonight/Literary Reads

I want to feel you tonight
I want to kiss you with a sexy fight
Hold you tight
Lay beside on your right.

Taking a vision now on
Singing a love song
Without taking a turn wrong
Fly high in the sky without asking a question and why
Be your hero for the lifetime
A request you don’t ever with me shy.

Give you rose every day
Movie teaches us like that way

Locking lips with a firm grip
Want to go on a vacation for a long trip

Jetway or railway does not matter me if you take me walkway
In countries and five stars hotel bay

Keep this rhythm every year
I'll Buy you tell me what you would like to wear

A prayer to God
The love between us should never go odd


Mahashivaratri Festival in India

It is one of the days when almost all Hindu do fasting. India considered it a sacred and a holy day. you can see the number of people waiting in the queue for prayer.

A queue for the prayer/Literary Reads

Literary Reads

Nandi, a devotee of Lord Shiv/Literary Reads

Devotees going to the temple to grab the queue/Literary Reads

A Couple ready to pour milk on the Shiv Ling/Literary Reads 

A couple, beggar outside the temple walking with other devotees/Literary Reads

When I Saw You First Time

Literary Reads/Reedha Umak 

When I saw you the first time
Glanced me without a blink
I had realized first when I saw you,
my angel,
You could anywhere sink
Your mother was the first time in coma
God had gifted her
Her life with a cute Shona
I was had become a father
We really had a word to become it rather
I was waiting to see your smile
Waiting for the moments and had stopped working on a file
When the sunlight for you was an intense light
You couldn’t open your tiny eyes in the white
Your mother laughed loud first time
When you by a mistake said Aaie
She said a tear drips from her cheek
When you smile, go away alone and make her seek
We both love you so much
And your mother wants to be your good coach
So that, you can remember, walk with us, proud and shine.


Shadow Lives Beside You

Shadow Lives Beside You

When you walk
Someone with you tries to talk
On the site
Up and down, left and right
In the night
You fear to look at it and becomes white
Sometimes small sometimes big
It looks somehow like a pig
It disappeared when sun goes on the head
I am still wondering how you get fade
You change shapes when man gets old
But I still wonder how do you get fold?
I get sweaty when you come late behind
In the slow and a moaning wind
When I miss you in the dark
You get frightened if a strange dog keeps bark.


A Lost Fame Woman

The whole house was empty the door open stood
It was made up of decay wood
The members were missing from the early morning
One of the men had given, in the middle of the night a warning
The foam oozed out when he found
He was laid in the dark night on a road near a ground
On the body had many scars and wound
People said he was murdered or he was poisoned or suicide
But the entire village knew yesterday was a big fight
He was polite and a strong man of a village
When the body had come from the postmortem
Everybody’s breathe got very shorten
Nobody dared to fight with the man
Though, he had many fans
He suicide because of his daughter had run from the wedding stall
In the small village, darkness had eaten the happiness and great fall
The girl was a favorite of her father’s child
Father used to behave with her loving and kind
The girl should never do like that
Her last day with the parents was regretting or what
Her existence was in this world because of her father
She should never forget her parents rather
Who had given a life her to live
Such a good father get by chance to few
Till the time she was honey on the father’s finger
Obeyed her father’s respect, Linger
She ran away just she found a benefit in future
But she does not know she loosed her fame and her soul creator



Red Red Red Red... Red Red!

Red Red Red Red… Red Red!!!
In the early morning what I had said,
In the group of peers; where I get paid.
Do you know what I mean to say?
In the unique fashion and a way,
Here is little celebration of the Santa,
In the office, you know, all we want.
We had requested to come in black, blue and Red,
One of, in our crew, Deepa had said.
We all are the energetic ones,
Always like to make big fun.
Red & white cap everybody wore today,
Chattering loudly, had coffee & tea to heal dry throat may.
Hey readers! Wish, you could around here if you miss this,
It was happy, sweet and memorable one like a first kiss.
And everyone was saying Tie Tie Fisss,
Wish you happy and memorable X-mas to all, is my Wish!!

One Step Ahead, One Step Back

Literary Reads - One Step Ahead

One step ahead, one step back

Please don’t ask me now, how do I walk.

Life was happy like a Rosses in the hand

Please don’t ask me, how we had the fad.

Now office started living its life

Nobody dares to ask about his last fight.

I couldn’t forget those foggy mornings, college and bus stop,

Every day like living in the heaven and my books were never mopped.

Every evening was spent on the roof till the night,

The annoyed mobile could text, talking and end with the fight.

Now I wake up, morning start with rubbing my eyes,

Parents feel good and proud, but I think it is never wise.

Every day was memorable ones, in college we used to had lot of fun,

Eye keeps open until I hear back quarterly fund, like happiness one ton.

Living In The Heart

Literary Reads - Living In The Heart
I got you after many years
I want to store you inside
of my heart without any fears.
I will buy you, feed you and 
take you wherever you want
If the transport does not do,
I will take you on Hary Potter's wand.
My breathing, let feel yours
Let me push my heart's gear.
I will never keep you alone
and I will never let anybody create your clone.
I was missing you for many days
I had tried finding you through a lot of ways.
My heart was breathing with a shivering string
I could remember the days we had spent in the spring.
I don't wanna miss your single smiles
Will walk with you thousands of miles.
Every breathes that you take
and every moment we have lived is not fake.
In this universe, only you and I will live longer
Not even a ghost will cross finger.
I want you to taste the life ahead of aged wine
Living alone without you will never be fine.
I want to sleep with you necked holding your back
In the bream too, I want with you a walk.
For you, I promise, I will be a wool
When you feel sad in the winter cool.
Life without you will never be happy
Every evening let it starts with a cup of coffee.
Now my heart has gripped you inside of me
Wanted the great lover in this century to be.


Save Girl Child

Literary Reads - Orphans
I can see through my sleepless eyes
This world is not wise
I've lived my life of a bottle size
I am just baby who wanted to learn to walk
My eyes are open awake
My parents were fake
I am now in a city's dust bin
I've worn a white cloth is belongin
My mother had thrown me in the night
At the home, she had many fights
Soon will be the morning in the site
Because of a baby girl was born
She had many kicks and her clothes were torn
Her mother-in-law was very dangerous
she had got the husband poisonous
her corpse must have found
on the shores with the wounds
God, call someone to hear my cry
Let me grow up to perform a killing try

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