The Long Silence Broke

The Long Silence Broke
“Hello, uncle how are you? Is ma’am home?” young adult asked the watchman. The watchman had sat on the iron old chair, a stinky dirty pillow beneath his butt. He just had lunch and was chewing his mouth fresher, looking at the ocean. He got up, smiled at him and opened the gate.
“She is.” The gentleman was in his white shirt and grey trousers. He was working with Bhati Petrol Pumps Pvt. Ltd since two years. He visits every first week of the month for the meeting with Amruta for 2-3 hours, talks about all about invoices and payments to the vendors and the profit of the last month, she lives in this big bungalow with her 21 years old son, her husband had died when her son was a year old. she was a bold businesswoman.
The gentleman took out the shoe and rang the bell.
“Who is there?” Amruta was on her bed. She just had lunch an hour ago and wanted to go for a nap. She was wearing a yellow sari and black blouse, she opened the door.
“Oh Praveen, please come in.” he put the bag on the sofa and sat.
“How is going Praveen,” Amruta brought a glass of water and handed to Praveen.
“Where is Biju?” Praveen asked, pulled out few invoices from the bag and placed on his lap.
“He went to get married early in the morning. He made a girl pregnant.” Both laughed.
He drank the water and placed the glass on the table and sat opposite her.
“What about you? When you are getting married?” Amruta asked. Praveen looked down,
“When my parents will decide.” Amu got up and sat close to him and took the file from his lap. She glanced over few pages of the invoices, control sheets and she skipped to the net profit pages.
She looked up at the sea,

“I understand how difficult to be alone,” she looked at him,
“Ask me, it’s hugely difficult. It’s been twenty years… can you imagine.”
“Yeah, I understand your feeling. My parents are looking a girl for me.”
He took off the eyes when he notices a wave of lust in Amruta’s eyes, the hunger for craving.
“I had few proposals but I refused because I wanted a graduate girl so that she could support me financially. Staying in Mumbai with family is not easy.”
He resumed back the glanced into Amu’s eyes.
She was well groomed today and looking sexy and young as she had gone to shopping before her lunch and after she returned she had her lunch. She was on the bed preparing for a nap and Praveen had rung the bell. Amu broke the glance and got up picking up the glass. She went near the window and looked outside. The gate was closed. The iron chair was empty. The security cabin was closed.

The old man is sleeping.
She guessed in a second and returned back to him,
“You don’t have a girlfriend?” He looked down,
She picked up the glass and went into the kitchen and put the glass down, she felt shiver through her body. Her mind was lost and felt to talk to him more today about his personal life, sex life and more.
She wants him for few minutes for that whatever it takes she was ready to pay in return.
“Hey! Would you like to have tea? She felt wet hair down. It was rain poured on the hot sunny earth. She closed her eyes and tried to sense the hotness of her body. It was wake up from a long sleep. She opened her eyes and turned at him with full confidence in her, she turned.
“Would you like to have tea?” She asked before he could utter a word Amu cried loud keeping the right hand on her waist. The pain was as if she had a cramp in back. Praveen was about to say yes, but looking at her pain he ran at her.
“What happened to you?”
She looked over her shoulder,
“Uh, it’s paining suddenly…” Amu started walking slowly, giving all the pressure on her left leg and taking supporting of Praveen. She had a strong grip on his shoulder. It was her first time she had hugged a fully functional boy. He was just two years old than her son.

“Please take me to the bedroom.” She stopped,
“I can’t walk Praveen.”
Praveen lifted her up on his both the hands and took her to the dark bedroom. He smelled a mist of lavender, colder than the hall and noiseless.
Amruta suddenly remembered her husband.
Wow, what a bedroom, Praveen thought to look at king size bed, big window and white marbles on the floor. Amruta was holding his waist by her left hand and the right hand on his shoulder. She felt very sexy and felt more wetness down. He put her on the bed.
“Could you please get balm from the drawer and rub little on my back?”
He stood straight and breath in and made himself little comfortable as it was his first time in life he had stepped in such luxurious bedroom.
“Madam… What if someone will come?”
He quickly clicked that something will be going to be wild.
“No, nobody is there and nobody would walk in my house without the knock or doorbell.” Her voice had narrowed to whispers, and breathless.
She pulled the drawer and took out a green thumb size bottle and handed him. A fan was running but still, Praveen’s body appeared sweat on his forehead.
I am not going to be responsible if something will happen, he thought and opened the cover of the bottle with his shivering hand.
“Do it Praveen before anybody rings the bell.” She whispered. She was laid on her stomach lowering her sari exposing the waist.
“I feel like my right part from toe to hand is paralyzed.”
As Praveen sat on the bed Amruta turned and grabbed his waist, pulled him on her. Now her stomach hugged his, his chest pressed her cleavage, “I am hungry, and I want you. I can’t control anymore. Amruta had loosened her grip and inserted her hand into his shirt and started caressing his back.
Both lost in each other.


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