Running Behind a Girl

Waking up early morning becomes so sad
I am a dreamer this was a last night demand
I had slept hugging a pillow
To my diet, I have added one more kilo
Thinking about a dream I had wasted my time
I thought, I shouldn't worry that would have been fine
Now going to the office to feed my head
I get no time to get myself laid
In the office, I am not feeling well this was my tail
This was my old habits of school, hence I used to fail
Boring part has been just started since a year
When I was in the college, there was no fear
My mom used to give me a lunch every day
Eating a food has no taste and I am tired now just wanted to flee and find another way.
I should get back to studies I have left
Stop working for part and sentences of theft.
Everyone had found me guilty
But my girlfriend was faulty
Want a true love, listen to me, don't fall for a girl
Who is feminine and glamorous will make you fraud till you whirl.

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