Alone Grandmother

I was a lover
But I got to hate everything now
As very next day I get a fever.

I was a teacher
But every one teach me now
Because I am now older.

What to do now
The things will never come into my life like wow.

I am alone
I have to walk, using a stick on my won.

I have lost my husband
Who will walk with me?
For me God knows who will raise funds.

I have never been conceived
I live in a small mud and brick house
Last the night , thieves deceived.

I have thin skin and bleary eyes how many times will cry?
When I go in the sun every day, I almost fry.

Now I am tired of crying and living alone in, my love
I wanted to come where you live.

I know you would be living in the heaven
I regret upon, gave you my loves, but not children.

I wanted to live with you one more time
Need feeling of mother and more shine.

Call me once where you are now

Wherever, it does not matter if you are on earth, up or down.

Living alone without you, have no strength
I have love for you, but not wealth.

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