A Visit To Tulapur

Hat on the table, a cat in the room
I fall asleep so soon.
I wore my cap
When I wake up after a nap.
I saw my watch,
Remembered others, it is a time then to catch.
It was a time, go to hang out,
I felt wear when I heard Name and place,
But there was no option, the weekend had come.
Pulled out the bikes out from the houses,
Who was asking us where you are going? We had no spouses.
Where we had come was a small village and were had no games,
But later I realized it was a place where India had lost a gem.
We had enjoyed a lot after reading the history and clicking the images,
We had also roamed around the small villages.
When the sun went down and in the night all shouted out.
The two rivers on both side we had to reach home in the light,
We were sitting in the middle, where had a big war and fight.

People call it Tulapur. 

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