Foreign Beggar

I'm not the beggar, past made me. 
I'm not asking for money until I play in the hot sun,
I love my mom forever, don't matter if any fellow say slut behind my back ever,
Singing is not my passion or interest This is my bread and butter with full of interest,
I'm just now Indian beggar with foreign look Soon will be a native beggar and make you funk,
I don't play with feeling of people I make me and other happy by my smile and dimple, 
I eat only snacks and vada pav Since the day and till now,
I get to sleep where people walk and I eat
This is the awesome place only, make me strong and fit,
I do bath when rain decide, I become dry when bright upside,
I learn Marathi because its worthy, then only I earn more and people show courtesy.
I born on the bark of the tree, road of the sheet,
Salty water around to drink, mother and me sometimes sink...

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