To My Love

To My Love
When I see you, the moment I want take it to a lock has no key,
Whenever we distanced, only when it could be seen.

When I rub your hair, you softly moan,
Trust me, it is real love does by super drone.

I have treasured the moment first time you had cry,
While I was going far away from you first time I had try.

Relation makes stronger like a man in stone,
Brings no difficulties in love cause over the obstacle we always have won.

Lovely-lovely lips I would always caresses and kiss,
Like a dog does a promise the way you wish.

I will be with you, air, water or ocean wherever you miss,
I will never forget you, leave you and together like a couple in shoal of fish.

The eyes couldn’t blink in front your presence,
Will do whatever it takes for our wage.

Your smile always spark into light and brings the relation into new shine,
Would be difficult to have every diner without you and wine.

Cares I do till you coo,
Trust me it is farther than its shows.

Our unconditional love people found,
They believed it is more like two nucleus tightly bound.

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