Queens of The Bollywood

     Most glamorous beauty of the '90s, here we are talking about the most beautiful ladies of the Bollywood. And one of the ladies is Madhuri, she has done good movies until the time, she still looks pretty good, she has maintained her very well. She was the most successful actor in her days. God gifted talent laid her in the heaven and people now called her Angel. She is a fan of most of the Indian and international people.

Outstanding happy woman of the Bollywood, she was famous for her dimples, her smile and make others feel good. She was not only the actor but was also a good lover, when she entered in Bollywood, she was already engaged but it was secret to most of the people.

The beauty never hides, it's nature's rule. The most successful actor Aishwarya, people like her hair, her eyes and her smile. She has done award-winning movies, hopefully, she is back with her new look very soon. Most of her fan is waiting to see her again on the screen.

Oh another pretty and lovely girl of '90s, Karishma Kapoor, she was perfect in her acting, the most dangerous anger she has. She was also well known for her comedy in 'Andaz Apana Apana' she has also done award-winning movies.

Priyanka, the most versatile actor, she is not only famous for her glamorous beauty of the Bollywood but one of the sexiest lady ever. She is gorgeous, the good singer too. Her efforts brought her to her beautiful life, she has a lot of fans.

The dangerous, lovely and talented Kangna. She recently famous for her movie 'Queen and Tanu Weds Manu' she is a too good actor, her luck always with her, the most of male fans she ever has. Challenging work she does. The most famous things about her are her hair and voice.

     When we see movies of these well-known actors, they praise us for their talents, look and acting. Sometimes look bring the success in the movie and sometimes acting. In the end, skill lasts longer than others. 

     Female actors have very few lifespans in such industries, tomorrow new actress comes and win the hearts of the people. Which beauty out of above is last longer in Bollywood? Please post below, I will read your comments and reply to you.

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