Back up? not yet? then think more.

     After a long time, I got time to look at my old post and I thought let's do some dusting and post a new thing for my readers. I am not talking about the back up of your phone neither your computer. You might have thought about it may be, make sure it is not even of your office related kind of back up.

     In the easiest way, Bajaj scooter uses to have one Stepney with it if there is any tire disaster. I am talking about your financial source, it is the pretty stupid question you may feel like, but we, who stay in the city, work in an office, pay for house rent both husband and wife, we just think for today most of the time.

     Take an example, both husband and wife work for the corporate office, they sacrifice of all the things they love and work together for their family, but at the end of the month remains the same as it was 10 years before. We often cry at the end of the month. Might be getting hike in salary for 500% or you got promoted, but the situation will never change.

     I have a plan, maybe you will like it, it will definitely help you with a better prospect in the life. We were middle class just think to buy a branded clothes, mobile and nice home. We keep investing in these things rather saving money.

     Are you thinking about saving money? No, it is not about saving money. You keep doing your shopping the way you do, but usually, you do nothing more than putting the effort to make your company - the office where you work, successful. Did you ever help yourself this way?

     What if the businesses of the companies go back to their countries from where it comes, what back up plans you have in that situation? By that time, you will be jobless. What skill you have other than sitting front of the computer? Have you ever thought of it? What if there is the recession and 50% people lose their job.

     Make your back up plans, I hope you got what I mean to say, so what are you waiting for? If you are spending 9 hours in the office, spend some time on your back up. The time will never give you the invitation, it will be surprised whether it could be bad or good.

     It is time to change, it is time to invent and peruse.

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