My college, Pune.

 This is the college I never forget in my life as here I have completed my graduation. Those days were so horrible and interested, I had a lot of tasks to complete in a day. My first priority was a job then study. I used to earn and learn, I had faced so many experiences which were bad and god. I had good and bad friends some of those are still in contact and few I don't know where they are. In everybody's life, a college is becoming most memorable part of the life that we never forget.

 I had attained this college in 2006 to 2011. Nice staff, good educations and nice weather inside the campus. These pics captured in the summer, I was missing so much. I just had wanted to touch the places I used to sit, I want to feel the presence of my past, recalled those moments.

 I really don't know how many times I walked on this road, I can't count. I hope sometimes later we all friends will get together in the same place.

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