Symbol of Love

New plantation in the yard of hometown to grow Love for a longer period of time.

The plant is the first source of oxygen and its useful factor for the human being. I always like to live in fresh air and stay healthy. In my hometown, the lot of farms are in surrounding but no forest area and no hills. In the village, only small flowering plants but no big trees. So I have decided to plant a flowering plant in my yard. Long back ago my grandmother had planted a tree of Bel plant.

Symbol of Love
The plantation is very important, we could reduce global warming and we are the hell responsible everyone for today's pollution. When we go to the forest area, we see a lot of fresh oxygen and feel so different and comfortable than our daily life. Most of the time, I plan on outings, especially in dam site, the lot of hills and waterfall in the monsoon. When we go such places, we feel more enthusiastic and energetic.

The yard is what we can make our home beautiful planting small trees, most of the flowering plants it keeps the healthy environment. My home does not have the big yard as compared to the western country has.

Grow love longer, if you want to cherish to memories, this is one of the best ways. My grandmother died in mid-2006. She had planted a tree and its now big one now, Bel plant is considered as one of the holy plants, leaves are especially donated to Lord Vishnu and his Pind. Today I have planted Parijat plant. I had bought it from the city in rs 40. And my dad planted just right front of the kitchen window in open space. It is a very beautiful flowering plant. Flower of this plant gives very nice fragrance in the morning, makes the happy mind when you wake up in the morning. I had this concept in my mind since long back. So this is the symbol of love for both me and my dad. I will always remember this sign of our love.

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