Person I Admire a Lot

Introduction of that person.

He was the second child of late Narayan Umak. I was heard that he did not believe in god and rituals. He loves to spend his life free, my dad was the 3rd child and were working hard to run the family. Suresh never looks after them, he left village early at the age of 15 years of his and start doing weird and unusual, unlike things. His personality was god and impressive 6'5 feet.
The big brother of family and idler no more interested in supporting his mother Indira. My dad used to work at landlord from morning to late night to earn bread and butter, his dad died at his age when he was 5. They were 4 siblings, two sisters, and two brothers. Sindubai she was the first child of my grandmother and Suresh uncle was the 2nd child, 3rd was my dad and Tarabai she was the last child of my grandparents.
Love and respect in Suresh were quite good, his love towards me was more enough than his own children. He always used to say "you are handsome guy of our family, I would have to spend money on you to make you actor but we are so poor" he always used to say "do something special in life"
Care for family always shows by him, as far as I could be remembered. Lot of time I had heard that he use to help people if there is any war or fight or financial need.
Bad things in his life happened when he was 30 years old. He went to his elder sisters village, the enemy of my elder aunt Sindubai had a dispute with neighbors and as he was the strong builder, he killed one person in the war and went to Jail. My aunt had a big farm so she helped financially and he won the case from high Court after four years and released from the jail. That time I was just in 2nd grade. I could remember the day when he came back to home. When I saw him, he was more muscular than before. His voice was strong like Lion and weight around +70.
          His elder son was running pan tapari his father had set up, he modified into bigger one and business was at peak especially at the time of summer. There was no single understanding in between him and his wife, both always use to fight for simple reasons from early days of their marriage. when he was in jail, my grandmother used to help his son in pan tapari and after few years he earns a lot of money and bought a new house adjacent to our old house. The land he had bought was not the holly land villagers think. He was rich person by that time, after some years he has to sell his land because of he was going through losses, lost money in casino and few days later his wife suicides thinking there is crack in love, which was big loss for him, first time I saw him crying though he did not like her throughout in his life.
My grandmother's love for him was true, she did a lot for him. She was great devotees of May Durga, every day she used to go to the temple for prayer for his betterment. Sometimes she could cry, she was a very hardworking lady of 70s. When her husband died at the age of 40 she had 8th months old baby girl Trabai in her womb.
My dad's role was very crucial in their families, he used to work on the farm, he left his education from the 4th grade, and start working on the farm. At his early age of life, he did very hard work and running entire family was his first priority. Mr. Suresh was opposite of him. He never works like my dad, never in his entire life. More often behavior illegally.
The life after the jail was so critical for both brothers Ramesh and Suresh. He was in jail for 4 years, I am writing as much as I could remember and whatever I have heard about him. One day I went jail with my dad to meet him, he was in white clothes I could still remember that day, I was just five or six-year-old baby boy. When he released from the jail, everyone was so happy in our family including me, I was his favorite boy. He was kind of filmy man, his own style was impressive. He spent around 4 years in jail.
There was good bonding between him and me. He always inspired me to do unique and quality things in life, I have done a lot of business in my childhood then he used to say, " just stick to one thing in life, you will get growth." His heavy voice used to makes me afraid sometimes and others too. He was very famous personality and well-known person in our and around villages. When I left for Pune, things were getting changed, he had been giving more pressure on the mind to think more about his past and the things had taken bad way and fate failed to support him. Due to this, his memory weakness increased. His son's care was not good enough.
My last Navaratri with him became my last visit to him this year, when I saw him on Dashers I got the big shocking jerk of sadness. I couldn't even remember him exactly, he had loses his weight so much. It had happened because of he had been started getting very limited food to avoid the further mess ( he couldn't judge what to wear and how to eat.) I was on the way back to Pune and I was in train half of the distance was crossed and I received the call of death of my uncle Suresh and it was one of the saddest day of my life. There is always respect and love for you!!!☺

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