Today visited one of Ashtavinayak, at Ranjangao

Today, it was really one of best day of my life. We all decided to visit one of Ganesh temple from ASHTAVINAYAK as ganesh festival is going on but we all really visited to lord Ganesha not at the temple but at 'MAHER' its a oganisation of social worker-Maya and her team, govement is also involved in this. In this MAHER, there are homeless people, children who do not have parents. We have visited small group of children those who have just started dreaming of their destiny,
Aim and the reason they borned for. They have still milk teeth, prideful soul and sweet voice that could change our attitude and meaning of our lives. they all unknown of colours of life. They are more expert in only telling their name and greeting new people who visit them. They like to visit strangers. These guys do not need known person to share anything, they are transparent like water and mix with anything kind of attitude they have. They don't need money, they just need of helping hand who could direct them at path of better future. This was my first time in my life that I came across with such organisation. Childrens welcomed us like never before have done this with me, nor ever of my Best friend neither my Rich friend. Love you all who run 'Maher' I would definetly have some helping hand in future for 'Maher'.
With me here Chandrashekhar Date, Manish and me and my sister-Apana.
Ranjangao Ganapati Temple
Orphan Children
Visit to Orphan Temple

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