My Sweet Memories I Always Value

I like to tell you, days I have spent
With my family was so well went.

I was the first baby boy family
Father- mother and whole felt charming.

I couldn’t see credit card swipe
When somebody kisses me, cheek used to wipe.

Mom and dad where the great lover
Grandmother was my fate cover.

I stand and pee when grandmother see me
Father’s call makes me run on knees.

If I ignore the call of my mother, if it’s my fault
No dinner at night, she had taught.

When both fights, I make my self quite
Reason! I trouble them, may not.

Grandmother makes herself judge
Looking at me, I shrug as they should plug

Value of those days will never end
Life of everybody through has spent

My father’s Relationship with Me

My father, I can’t tell you it happens rather
He loves me a lot, does anything to sought

He never let me down, even if it’s my crown
He is my best friend if there is black in brown
Becomes least medicine in my sorrow and wound

He is the richest person in the world for me, do you know
He could buy everything for me, and I up my hand and say wow
He is the best husband not only if he love and care
He is a good father not only because swear.


Road Says Happy Diwali

Little hold I am the road 
Neither Baisakhi nor Christmas Here is Diwali and
Fatakas little sold. I warn you before you go home, 
In the evening there is a little cold. 
The occasion might be prosperous for you, 
Wearing new clothes and brand new shoes. 
I am the one, who suffers a lot, But no worries about lightning, 
Fatakas you sought. 
Colourful lights on the street,
 Strange will feel a little freak,
 No lights should dim-weak. Sssh…!
Take Care of You. 
Have a wonderful, prosperous Diwali with your loved ones!

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