Please Get My Those Days Back

Please give me those days back
can cut down my future days and sack,
I won't mind as I would be child then
You are a god, you know, so tell me when?
Life with no tension and carrying ATM in the
Form of coins change,
You just return back me those days, I will believe them.
Roaming in village bunk school and class well,
We had then no I-phone and Dell.
Spending more time leisurely but no money,
Its fact dude, don't feel its joke, no funnier.
Stealing fruits of others farm, in the sun makes us warm,
Four people's gang were hard to break and make another charm.
If we caught red-handed - "uncle there were the troupe of monkeys! They just ran away" use to make him nerd by same dialogue and he never again founded.
Failure was the part of life, even we use to mind nothing,
We were the child, as never married, as we had no wife!
Enough...enough! God comes to the point,
I heard we found water on the moon, let's me get wine and return my those days with full of shine. My Sweet Childhood photograph shot in 1995