Friendship - Literary Reads

How I tell you days I spent,
Time passes over just like hell,
We were best friend until that time,
When school opens everything was fine,
I try to find friend like you, but hold unsuccessful,
When I miss you, feel my childhood,
wearing half cloths Walking on the road, in the group,
hand in hand with stealing a glance,
Try becoming smart front of other, finding a chance,
In the school of class, fake jokes and eating noodles without fork,
We use to choose the same girl for love, becoming enemy a time of year,
Competition used to be just a reason, falling in love and waiting for season,
Sometimes cricket, sometimes football,
don’t keep shame, every time war,
On weekends making freak, no movie and TV,
only for trekking so far,
Going into class of junior, introducing girls and make them clear,
Didn’t do anything wrong and weird, Making so fun in off period,
Now look at professional life,
When we will get the hike,
Life is like walking in lift instead,
Makes your life like you smoke weed,
We fly high, keeping no shy, money in the pocket….unable to buy time.