She is the One

She is the one, who? Listen I’m serious, No more fun
She is like my mother, way she does.

Always supportive, a kind of suggestive
Sacrifices sometimes, not a detective.

Cares and love is safe living on her side
Working hard and healing everyone wide.

She is youngest and only one lovely daughter
Now they are happiest, before use to her scolder.

Thus respect and love increases towards them
Keep no reason, fight for life, what is the shame.

Family of five, one day will touch the sky
Result mainly enactment; don’t ask me how and why.

You know who is she? My beautiful sister.


My Sweet Memories I Always Value

I like to tell you, days I have spent
With my family was so well went.

I was the first baby boy family
Father- mother and whole felt charming.

I couldn’t see credit card swipe
When somebody kisses me, cheek used to wipe.

Mom and dad where the great lover
Grandmother was my fate cover.

I stand and pee when grandmother see me
Father’s call makes me run on knees.

If I ignore the call of my mother, if it’s my fault
No dinner at night, she had taught.

When both fights, I make my self quite
Reason! I trouble them, may not.

Grandmother makes herself judge
Looking at me, I shrug as they should plug

Value of those days will never end
Life of everybody through has spent

My father’s Relationship with Me

My father, I can’t tell you it happens rather
He loves me a lot, does anything to sought

He never let me down, even if it’s my crown
He is my best friend if there is black in brown
Becomes least medicine in my sorrow and wound

He is the richest person in the world for me, do you know
He could buy everything for me, and I up my hand and say wow
He is the best husband not only if he love and care
He is a good father not only because swear.


Road Says Happy Diwali

Little hold I am the road 
Neither Baisakhi nor Christmas Here is Diwali and
Fatakas little sold. I warn you before you go home, 
In the evening there is a little cold. 
The occasion might be prosperous for you, 
Wearing new clothes and brand new shoes. 
I am the one, who suffers a lot, But no worries about lightning, 
Fatakas you sought. 
Colourful lights on the street,
 Strange will feel a little freak,
 No lights should dim-weak. Sssh…!
Take Care of You. 
Have a wonderful, prosperous Diwali with your loved ones!


Please Get My Those Days Back

Please give me those days back
can cut down my future days and sack,
I won't mind as I would be child then
You are a god, you know, so tell me when?
Life with no tension and carrying ATM in the
Form of coins change,
You just return back me those days, I will believe them.
Roaming in village bunk school and class well,
We had then no I-phone and Dell.
Spending more time leisurely but no money,
Its fact dude, don't feel its joke, no funnier.
Stealing fruits of others farm, in the sun makes us warm,
Four people's gang were hard to break and make another charm.
If we caught red-handed - "uncle there were the troupe of monkeys! They just ran away" use to make him nerd by same dialogue and he never again founded.
Failure was the part of life, even we use to mind nothing,
We were the child, as never married, as we had no wife!
Enough...enough! God comes to the point,
I heard we found water on the moon, let's me get wine and return my those days with full of shine. My Sweet Childhood photograph shot in 1995


Old Memories Became Cold

Lokesh Umak in childhood
I don't know, but. I'm very disappointed on things, recently I build my new home at my native place. Since I'm not staying at my native villege about 7 years, all my childhood memories are attached to it and specially to my old home. Now my old house is no more exist and whatever my child memories was, it is now completly vanished off. There were days when I use to go my village, before I reach to home, it use to come inside of mind, my old house was made up of without bricks, just only brown soil, roof of kavaleru-somewhat brick colour and main thing is,
it used to give me fragrance of my family, days I spent, how I started walking, how I use to roam around it and everything. Home was cheap but most valuable as I'm born and brought up there. Now I can't feel the same after spending lot of amout and even I can't feel good around though my family members around me. I'm fail now to recollect and remember those fancy days, my childhood. I don't feel eager to go home and meet everyone as I use to get the feeling before this. There was a type of soil which I can not get in this world now. I just want to tell you guys, treasure these kind of valuable things in your life, once it goes away its hard to achieve again as this is not money that everyone can earn.


Friendship - Literary Reads

How I tell you days I spent,
Time passes over just like hell,
We were best friend until that time,
When school opens everything was fine,
I try to find friend like you, but hold unsuccessful,
When I miss you, feel my childhood,
wearing half cloths Walking on the road, in the group,
hand in hand with stealing a glance,
Try becoming smart front of other, finding a chance,
In the school of class, fake jokes and eating noodles without fork,
We use to choose the same girl for love, becoming enemy a time of year,
Competition used to be just a reason, falling in love and waiting for season,
Sometimes cricket, sometimes football,
don’t keep shame, every time war,
On weekends making freak, no movie and TV,
only for trekking so far,
Going into class of junior, introducing girls and make them clear,
Didn’t do anything wrong and weird, Making so fun in off period,
Now look at professional life,
When we will get the hike,
Life is like walking in lift instead,
Makes your life like you smoke weed,
We fly high, keeping no shy, money in the pocket….unable to buy time.

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